How to use Wild Yam Cream

How to use Wild Yam Cream

Indications for the use of wild yam cream are basically three types of symptoms:


1. First, Wild yam cream supports the body's normal hormonal balance, which in turn may help reduce or eliminate hot flashes associated with Menopause,(by supporting normal pituitary gland health), when used as directed.

If, after a month of regular use, no relief of hot flashes is noticed, then it is suggested that you ask your doctor or health care giver to run a complete thyroid diagnostic panel, (which is used to test the levels of thyroid hormones .)

A combination of two herbs taken over a period of time, support the normal thyroid gland functions and hormonal balance. This in turn may, in many instances, help hot flashes (surges of thyroid hormone), subside and disappear. Vitex herb, (taken daily for up to 6 months) supports normal pituitary gland functions, and another herb called Lycopus (American Bugleweed), supports normal thyroid gland function and normal secretions of thyroid hormones.

If Thyroid drug medication is suggested by your physician, keep in mind that many of the thyroid-regulating drugs produced today by pharmaceutical companies, have the unintended side effect of interferring alarmningly with bone density, and may acctually interrupt the mechanism of bone-building.

The herb Lycopus, mentioned above, can (and does) support normal thyroid functions without the unintended side effects of some of the pharmaceutical drugs used for the same purpose.

For conditions of underactive thyroid function, both Gotu Kola, (Centella asiatica), and seaweed supplementation are suggested as nutritional supports for restoration of normal thyroid function levels. Seaweeds (such as Kelp, Dulse, and Bladderwrack), provide the body with the element Iodine, which is essential for good thyroid and bone health.


2. Second, Wild Yam cream supports normal thyroid functions and normal hormone levels, which may result in lessening or completely eliminating mood swings, especially near or during menopause. Since some sorts of depression can be tremendously influenced by hormones, it is recommended that; if after using the Wild Yam Cream for a month, periods of anxiety or depression persist, you ask your health care giver to observe and evaluate your condition for possible clinical diagnosis of depression.

If clinical depression or states or anxiety are observed and diagnosed, then there are at least 3 herbs may be helpful in supporting the normal mental/emotional balance, and by doing so, could provide support in eliminating these remaining symptoms. I list them here in order from mildest to strongest physiological effect. They are: Lemon Balm, (Melissa officinales), Saint Johns wort, (Hypericum perfoliatum), and Desert Anemone (Anemone tuberosa). If anti-depressant drug therapy is suggested by your health care giver, it is good to know that many of the anti-depression pharmaceutical drugs have side effects, including CAUSING depression.

We consider that doing the LEAST invasive thing FIRST, is generally the most beneficial way for a health care provider to approach their clients, (or for a person to begin helping themselves), and so we would encourage you to begin working on problems of depression and anxiety by looking at the dietary intake FIRST, and beginning the process of eliminating any of the many known allergens and stimulants before trying more complex and expensive treatment choices. (Dairy products, White flour products, Margarines, coffee, sugar, and alcohol are generally the most likely culprits).

One of the most important things to remember, is to drink at least 1/2 gallon of purified water (with lemon slices) each day to remove toxins from the body.(toxins can cause headaches, rashes, and low energy levels, and need to be eliminated constantly.) Adding lemon slices (squeezed into the water) helps the water absorb into the tissues of the body, instead of making you run constantly to the bathroom.

If you use the herbs (above) for treatment, it is suggested that fresh plant extracts (in a liquid form) are the best value, since they remain potent for years when stored properly (in dark, dry, cool locations). In addition, liquid extracts include ALL of the herbs natural constitiuents, which ALL have important functions, instead of merely one or two isolated, concentrated "silver bullet" constituents.

If alcohol is a problem for you (these extracts are always made with SOME alcohol, due to its ability to dissolve desired consituents which occur within each plant)... then it is suggested to put the recommended dosage into a MUG, and pour BOILING water onto it... Let cool until the liquid can be comfortably swallowed. All the alcohol should be gone within several minutes. Alternately, one can make a tea of these plants for regular consumption, though many are poorly-soluable in water.

When herbs are taken in pre-packaged capsule form, it is important to consider that these herbs, which are put into the capsules, are first allowed to dry, (losing aromatic constituents and volatile oils, which are VERY active parts of many herbs). After they are ground into a powder, the herbs' medicinal constituents last a very short time, since they are broken down quickly by light and oxygen. Consider the length of time these powdered, encapsulated herbs are stored... first in some warehouse, and then in the store where you purchase them...and finally at home, before you use them. If you are honest, you begin to realize how little medicinal value they may really have.

If you desire to take herbs in capsule form, then the use of more whole forms of these herbs is recommended. Either freshly-ground (using a blender or coffee grinder at home) each couple of weeks, or ground by your local herbalist for you. Hand encapsulator machines are also available, which encapsulate 50 capsules at one time, and which makes encapsulating quick and easy and MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE. When you make your own capsules, you'll know you have a superior form of the herb, (especially because of the much better results you'll achieve taking them in this way.)


3. Third, The use of Wild Yam Cream supports your body's own normal physiology by stimulating the osteoblasts and osteoclasts to tear down old, crystalizing bone tissue, and replace it with new, flexible bone tissue. Almost without exception, the clients who have used the Feminine Freedom Wild Yam Cream, and have given us feedback about their experiences, have reported a 3 to 4 percent bone density recovery per year...especially when the other suggested dietary changes are incorporated into a supportive program.

Foods to include

By modifying ones dietary intake AWAY from meats and dairy products, and increasing calcium-rich foods, such as raw, unhulled Sesame seeds, which are still covered with the light tan calcium-rich shell, Plenty of calcium can generally be absorbed and utilized by the body.

Other herbs which are support normal bone density are Nettle leaf, Alfalfa, Horse Tail (Equisetum), Dandelion leaf (and root), Ginger root, and Marshmallow root.(All of which may be ingested as delicious teas). By incorporating any of the many edible and tasty sea weeds, such as Kelp, Dulse, and Bladderwrack, You'll not only get much of the calcium you need, but trace amounts of most minerals on Earth. Ground seaweeds can be used as a condiment on most foods, and learning how to integrate them into cooked dishes isn't as difficult as one may imagine. You may want to ask your local health food store or Food Coop employee for some recipe suggestions.

It is also recommended to obtain more calcium and other minerals by expanding your normal vegetable intake. Begin expanding by trying different dark, leafy greens, such as Kale, Spinach, Arrugala, Mustard greens, and Collard greens.

Learning how to cook with grains which may be unfamiliar to you, such as Buckwheat, Millet, and Quinoa (keen-wah), are also great ways to begin to gain calcium from the foods you eat.


When you use Wild yam cream as a remedy for the symptoms and health problems which are listed above, you must consider how much of the product to use, how often to apply it, and how and where to apply it, so that the best results are achieved.

The human skin has a large capacity to absorb materials which are put into contact with it. However, the fat cells within the skin layers can transform only a limited amount of the precurser hormone (called Diosgenin) in a given time period. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the product to a different area each day. In this way, more of the precurser hormone may be modified by the body's fat cells, into progesterone. If you apply the product to the same place day after day, the small area will become ineffective at absorbing the substance, and the desired effects will probably not be realized.

Suggested sites to to apply the Wild Yam Cream :

  • 1. The tissue on the underside of the upper arm (both sides)
  • 2. The lower neck area
  • 3. The breasts
  • 4. The tummy
  • 5 & 6. The buttocks (one side per day)
  • 7 & 8. The back of the thighs (one side per day)
  • 9 & 10. The inside of the thighs (one side per day)

    Begin at the top of the body, (site 1), and continue downward on the body, choosing a differnt site for each day. Once the lower-most site on the body is reached, (site 10), begin the following day at the upper-most site... repeating the cycle again. Rub the lotion thouroughly into the bodys tissues until it is completely absorbed.

    Foods To Avoid

    Foods and other products which will leach the calcium away from the body must be avoided in conditions of osteoporosis. These include, but are not necessarily limited to the foods and products listed here:

    Coffee--Each cup causes your body to loose 50 mg. of Calcium! Since coffee is also a vaso-constrictor, it makes circulation throughout the entire body poorer, and irritates the bowels functions due to acids contained within it. Unless the coffee you drink is ORGANICALLY-CERTIFIED, there can be residues of over 92 different pesticides in it, which, in many cases act as chemical Estrogens within the Human body. These chemical Estrogens (exogenous forms of Estrogens), are NEVER found naturally in the Human body. Remember that chemical estrogens act MUCH more strongly on your body than your own natural hormones, and so they can quickly throw your bodys hormones out of balance. Instead, a tea made from herbs high in calcium, such as nettles, red clover, alfalfa, lemon balm, and dandelion leaf and root contain lots of free calcium, and are easy to grow or purchase and use as a daily beverage.

    Chocolate--(which is chemically similar to caffine), causes mood swings, headaches, and can often lead to binging, and again causes the body to lose calcium. Instead, a raw nut and carob bar or some mixed raw nuts with some type of dried fruit, such as ginger, papaya, raisins, or cherries can be mixed as a healthy, slightly sweet snack.

    Milk and Cheese-- Milk's the ONE, alright... to help you lose calcium, due to its extremely high protein content. (It takes calcium to make the chemical reaction which lets the body digest protein)... and afterwards, your body may just dump the calcium it has used to effect this digestive process... (especially if there is a Thyroid gland imbalance), because the Thyroid gland and Parathyroid gland control the use of calcium as well as the basil metabolism. Besides being rich in protein, most cheese contains as much as 70% animal fat... (fattier than the worst cut of any sort of meat... (except perhaps, Bear !!)) Finally, if the cheese is not organic, then it probably contains some level of hormones and antibiotics.

    Meats--Excessive meat proteins cause a loss of calcium in the same way milk does.... since it takes calcium to digest and break down proteins into their simple amino acid groups. (After eating concentrated proteins, we tend to loose calcium for 2 to 4 hours thereafter, through the urine.) If the meat you eat is not organice (about 2 times the price), then you ARE ingesting hormones and antibiotics, as well as a high percentage of fat (marbled beef).

    Yes... fish is a meat too! (If you choose fish, then make sure it is wild caught. Farm-raised fish contain up to 13 times the level of PCB's (which cause cancer) as wild-caught varieties. Meats and dairy products are much less healthy than vegetable proteins, since they contain cholesterols, and heavy animal fat content, which leads to cardiovascular disease. Plants contain NO cholesterol. In addition, todays meats, (with the exception of ORGANICALLY-CERTIFIED meats), contain measureable amounts of chemical growth hormones, and large amounts of strong antibiotics... all of which adds up to a poor quality food which is never found to any great degree in healthy populations of Humans throughout the world. (We recommend that you may be interested to watch the movie called "Diet for a New America", (which can usually be found as a free rental at video stores), for more information on how your dietary choices effect both your own health, and the health of the Earth.

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