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Cold-Soothe Cough Syrup

Ingredients: Honey, Spikenard root, Osha root, Wild cherry bark, marshmallow root, Wild oats, Mullein leaf, Bursera (elephant tree), Lomatium root, Yerba santa leaf, slippery elm bark.
The herbs used in this formula are traditional remedies from the Southwestern region of the United States. They are combined to provide expectorant, anti-microbial, sedative and demulcent effects, which may aide in pulmonary infections. 4 fl. oz. bottle - $9.50

Mama's Morning Vitex Syrup

Ingredients: Vitex berries, dandelion root,Nettle leaf, Chamomile flowers, Lemon balm, Ladys mantle, fresh organic ginger root, Fresh Wild Oat extract,Pure desert honey from Rodeo, Arizona. Available in 8 fl. oz. size, (which is a 3 weeks supply). Click on the name (Mama's Morning Vitex Syrup), above to learn more about this syrup.

Pure Larrea Syrup

Ingredients: Chapparal herb, purified water.
This is probably the most anti-oxident syrup on Earth! Click on the link above to read more about the qualities of Chapparal
$10.00 per fl. oz. (offered in 1 fl. oz, 2 fl. oz., and 4 fl. oz. sizes with dropper)
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