Notes from last meeting May 26, 2005

We met at Richard McDonald's Garden
Those Present & their contact info:
Richard McDonald 388-3542
Marayah Rai 388-1482
Karla Hazer 388-4041
Colleen Smith 534-1694
Monica Rude 535-2860

Please forward corrections to Monica Rude
(see her contact info above or at end of this page.)


Minutes from previous meeting were reviewed.

The group discussed & agreed on the following points:

1.)The minutes of each meeting of the Steering Committee are a legal documentation of what was discussed & decisions made at each meeting. Each meeting will start with review of the minutes of the previous meeting. If it's not in the minutes, it didn't happen.

It is the responsibility of each member of the steering committee to review the minutes & make clarifications or corrections at the next meeting. Richard McDonald will then post corrected minutes on the website.

2.) Robert's Rules of Order will be the format used for each meeting.

3.) Members are reminded of the confidentiality of info discussed during our meetings & also of any discussion of a client case. Our meetings represent a safe place for discussion & mutual respect is expected for all. Feelings don't have to have reasons; they need to be respected.

4.) Steering Committee meetings must start on time. We have a lot of work to do during a limited amount of time. All members are requested to make an effort to arrive in time for meetings to start at the agreed time.

********** NEW BUSINESS / COMMITTEE REPORTS *************

Education Committee Report: Marayah has extended the deadline for class proposals for the next series until May 31.

Monica presented a form for Class Proposals which was discussed & approved. Monica will forward a copy to Richard for posting on the website. Photocopies will be available from Marayah. These forms must be submitted to the Education Committee by anyone who wants to teach a class. Proposals will then be reviewed by the Steering Committee.

All teachers are reminded of the importance of sticking to the planned time frame when teaching classes. The use of an evaluation form for classes was proposed; this would provide feedback from students & guide planning for future classes. Colleen & Marayah will bring a rough draft to the next meeting for discussion.

David Crow's recent visit & classes were discussed. He was well-received. It was good to have him as he is a global visionary doing important work. The status of related expenses or income for the Guild was not clear. "Did we collect 10% of the "door" for the Aromatherapy class?" A number of questions about finances not able to be answered as the financial officers were not present.

The next meeting should include a total report on our finances, including number of members who have paid to date. We need a Treasurer's Report at every meeting.

Ethical wildcrafting Committee: Richard reported he has received request for 2# of Osha which led to discussion of harvesting and replanting techniques. Several members had ideas to offer & it was agreed to post this info on the website. Richard, Marayah, & Monica will submit info for this to Richard. Karla said she might wildcraft in Wyoming (where it is abundant) for Herb Pharm. Monica will forward to her the contact info for Herb Pharm.

Licensing of Alternative practitioners: Richard will call, then write a letter to Kathleen O'Dea, of the NM State Licensing Board, inviting them to hold a meeting in Silver City to discuss this issue. Karla will assist with the letter. The Guild is generally not in favor of licensing but interested in discussing the pro's & cons, as well as informing the public, and giving our individual and collective (guild) input.

Member Directory: The usefulness of a directory of members & mailing list was discussed. Karla will bring this to the next meeting.

Increasing Membership of SCHG: Colleen is interested in collecting names at the upcoming Blues Fest. Folks interested in herb classes and about the Guild in general can sign up. We gave her permission to make copies (be reimbursed for the cost) of the membership pamphlet for distribution.

Meeting Place: Richard reported on the Church of What's Happening Now as a possible location for meetings.It may sometimes be available, at a cost of $25. This venue may be more for classes than regular meetings. He will be getting more specific information from Becky Smith when she calls back.

Future topic of discussion: ethics regarding dealing with unethical practitioners.

Colleen will be gone from 6/12 - 7/18.

June 9 @ Rejuvenation
arranged by Colleen..

See you all next time ! :-)

Notes by Monica Rude
Desert Woman Botanicals
PO Box 263
Gila, NM 88038