Notes from last meeting May 12, 2005

We met at Mayarah'sHouse
Those Present & their contact info:

Naava 388-8639
Richard McDonald 388-3542
Marayah Rai 388-1482
Adam Ennes 313-6303
Karla Hazer 388-4041
Monica Rude 535-2860

Please forward corrections to Monica Rude
(see her contact info above or at the end of this page.)

Alternative Practitioner Licensing: Richard reported on a meeting he attended in Las Cruces, a public forum on whether alternative practitioners should be licensed .Letters of opinion on this issue may be sent to:

Regulation & Licensing Dept of the State of New Mexico
Director of Boards & Commissions
Kathleen O'Dea, RLD Sunrise manager & Director
2550 Cerrillos Road Santa Fe NM 87505
or phone: 505-476-4601
or email: Kathleen O'

This issue will be discussed further at a future meeting & we might issue a letter from the Guild.

SCHG Web Pages: Richard reported on the progress of the website. He needs a copy of the first Desert Exposure article our group wrote. Monica will send this. It was agreed that all information on approved Guild activities, classes, press releases, etc., should be forwarded to Richard for posting on the SCHG web pages. To see the web pages, visit:

Treasurers Report: Naava reported for Stefan about our finances. We have $300 in the bank.

David Crow Visit: Naava reported on arrangements made to date for David Crow's week in Silver City May 16-23. Details of his week in Silver City are posted on the website.
Adam will host him for dinner on Wednesday evening. Richard will host a potluck at his gardens, on Saturday for the entire SCHG. Contact him for details.
At Davids Sunday's class, the Guild will take 10% of the door for future community events. Flyers will be posted, and John Fridinger's email list will be used for publicity. Karla put together a great press release.

Education / Classes: Plans for the next class series were discussed. A Consensus was reached stating that: "in the future we need a minimum of 3 students (signed up and paid in full) in order to put on a class; however, the teacher may decide to proceed with the class anyway, by agreeing to a cut in pay. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

A rough draft for the class proposal form was created, and will be further refined at the next meeting.

Special: Unfortunately, the class about Techniques for Uterine Massage has been permanantly cancelled by the sponsor.

Plant Stewardship: Ethical wildcrafting of Osha was discussed. The "Herb Pharm" company is looking for large amounts, dried, now and again in the fall. Those familiar with the local stands of Osha felt there was not a sufficient quantity to warrant selling large amounts outside the local area.

Marayah said she might do a small amount in the Fall only. Colorado has much more Osha than we have in our vicinity. Monica will forward this info to Herb Pharm and give them Marayah's contact info.

The NEXT MEETING: POTLUCK May 26 Thursday 7 pm @ Richard's Garden.

See you all next time ! :-)
Notes by Monica Rude.

Monica Rude is: Desert Woman Botanicals PO Box 263 Gila, NM 88038 505/535-2860