Herb Guild Meeting of March 31st, 2005

We met at Naava and Stefan's home. The following is a list of those present, and their contact information:

Naava, Stefan: 388-8639

Richard McDonald: 388-3542

Marayah Rai: 388-1482

Adam Ennes: 313-6303

Nikki Tesnow: 608-215-0207

Colleen Smith: 534-1694

Doug Smith: 313-5735

Karla Hazer: 388-4041

Monica Rude: 1-505-535-2860

Doug Lacy: 388-2150

Michael Brown 388-1862

**Please forward corrections to: Monica Rude

Facilitator: Stefan reported on the last meeting.

Earth Day Committee: Adam, Marayah, Colleen, Nikki. Plans for Earth Day Celebration in Penny Park discussed. Plans for booth progressing, handouts being prepared including membership brochure, a survey, info on the Guild, a quilted banner is being created by Colleen. Guild members are invited to provide business cards, catalogs, etc for the info table.

Membership Committee: Karla, Colleen, Stefan, Naava, Doug Smith. The committee presented a rough draft of the guidelines being developed, levels of membership, fees & benefits. Extensive discussion followed. Committee will continue work on this.

Newsletter Committee: Nikki, Adam, Doug Lacy, Doug Smith. Report on progress to date. Hope to have the first issue available by Earth Day.

Education Committee: Marayah, Stefan, Nikki. An Outdoor Series is being planned, starting in early May. Those planning to give classes during the series include Vince Pinto, Burro Doug, Monica & Naava, & Marayah. A flyer describing the series will be available by Earth Day. Those interested in teaching should contact Marayah.

**Special: The need for a person to develop & maintain a data base was discussed. Doug Smith will work on this & make recommendations.

Doug Lacy offered to share his experiences with the FDA with the group at a future meeting.

See you all next time.

Notes by Monica Rude, (official SCHG secretary)

Monica Rude
Desert Woman Botanicals
PO Box 263
Gila, NM 88038

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