Notice of Next Meeting: Thursday June 23 @ 7pm SHARP
@ Rejuvenation
Please be ON TIME .

Notes from last meeting,
June 9, 2005

We met at Rejuvenation coffee/espresso house
(located on the N.W. corner of Bullard and Broadway)

"Dancing" taken at Rejuvenation.

The Silver City Herb Guild wishes to thank Rejuvenation for providing a mello environment in which to conduct our meetings. We encourage you to check 'em out and enjoy the great coffee house atmosphere they've created there.

Those Present & their contact info:

Marayah Rai, 388-1482

Naava 388-5035,

Karla Hazer, 388-4041,

Colleen Smith, 534-1694

Adam Ennes, 313-6303,

Chris Brickley, 534-1085,

Monica Rude, 535-2860,

**Please forward corrections to Monica Rude**

The June 9th meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m.(late)

Minutes from previous meeting were reviewed.. A motion was made & seconded to approve the minutes.

Practitioner's Alliance Report: Chris Brickley reported she had looked into having these meetings at the Billy Casper Wellness Center, however, a mission statement for the Practitioners' Alliance & an initial flyer are needed in order to be allowed to use the space. Chris presented these (mission statement & flyer ideas).

Extensive discussion followed related to the purpose & philosophy of the Alliance. The group finally agreed on these 2 items (mission statement and Initial flyer). Chris will make some changes & email them to Monica, who will make up a flyer and return it to Chris.

The first program will be on July 26, Tuesday 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Treasurer's Report: Naava reported $610 was taken in for David Crow's Aromatherapy class. Of this, $ 61.00 was paid for room rental, and $ 61.00 came back to the Guild. She gave this in cash to Marayah at the meeting. The remainder $ 488.00, went to David.

Doug Smith was reimbursed $ 47.00 for the last newsletter.

We now have $ 361.00 in our account.

Colleen submitted receipts from Earth Day event & zeroxing of membership flyer. (no total noted).

Education Committee Report: Marayah reported 2 proposals have been received for classes during the next series. These were discussed & approved by the Steering Committee.

One is a class on cultivation by Naava & Monica to be held on Sunday July 24 8-12 noon.

The other class is an overnight led by Marayah on July 16 & 17. There might be one more class in this series.

Colleen presented a class evaluation form for discussion. Marayah will make agreed - upon revisions (presumably given by the group members as suggestions), & have the form available to class teachers.

The group agreed to reverse their previous decision that return of evaluation forms be tied to instructor pay. Instead, we will have an assistant for the teacher who will be responsible for registration, fee collection, handing out & collecting eval forms, & whatever other assistance the teacher needs. This assistant will attend the class free of charge.

To publicize this class series, direct mail & email notices are planned. Monica has also agreed to place Guild membership & class information in her booth at the Grant County Health Fair on June 25th. Colleen will see that she receives these. The Group agreed not to have a booth at this event.

Licensing of Alternative practitioners: Karla reported she met with Richard twice to discuss the issue of licensing alternative practitioners, and draft a document/letter inviting her to Silver City. Richard called & left a message for Katherine O'Dea, requesting that the New Mexico Licensing Division hold an informational meeting here in Silver City. He has since been sucessful in contacting and speaking with Ms. O'Dea by phone . He will present this information at the next meeting.

Newsletter Committee: Adam is looking for articles for the next newsletter. He hopes to have it out by July 21. Please contact him for details.

Member Directory Committee: Karla is working on organizing the mailing list. The group agreed to make it an "Herbal Resource Directory". To be further discussed at the next meeting.

Robert's Rules of Order: Monica reported she has located a book explaining these rules, however, they are extensive & probably more structure than we need for our meetings. She will prepare an outline of suggestions & present them for discussion at the next meeting.

Future topic of discussion: ethics

Colleen will be gone from 6/12 - 7/18.

June23 @ Rejuvenation at 7 p.m.
Please be prompt.

See you all next time.
Notes by Monica Rude,
Silver City Herb Guild Secretary.

(Note* Our new Address is:)

Silver City Herb Guild
P.0. Box 1947
Silver City, NM. 88062

Desert Woman Botanicals
PO Box 263
Gila, NM 88038

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