Silver City Herb Guild Meeting... Feb 02, 2005

On Wednesday evening, February 2nd, 2005, the steering committee conviened at Naavas home, and we all felt good to be back together again. Much was accomplished during our 3 hour visit (besides eating wonderful potluck dinner).

We actually came to unity about the mission / purpose for the guild. Naava came up with the drawing of a flower (a yerba mansa flower) with currently six petals emanating from the center. The center of the coneflower represents the Guild structure core, and the petals each represent a distinct purpose which is related to the core. The six petals are listed as; Education, Outreach, Herbal Politics, Plant Stewardship, Ethical Business, and Community Pharmacy. These are the six things (so far) which we all wish the group and organization to represent and support in its dealings and actions.

We also decided that soon, it will be time to grow just a little bit more so we can organize committeess, each with it's special project. In this way, everyone can be a necessary part of the organization, involved in the project committee which suits their personal skills and passion.

If one or another of the six topics above interests or empassions you, and you'd like to become involved, please give a call to one of the numbers above.

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