Herb Guild Meeting of April 13th, 2005

We met at The Olde World Bakery, and wish to thank Daniel for allowing us to use his lovely space for our meeting. We encourage you to visit The Olde World Bakery soon to experience their unique and delicious entrees and wonderful baked goods.

Those Present & their contact info:

Naava: alps@zianet.com 388-8639

Richard McDonald: info@desertbloomherbs.com 388-3542

Marayah Rai: 388-1482

Adam Ennes: looking_crow@yahoo.com 313-6303

Nikki Tesnow: nnikital8@yahoo.com 608-215-0207

Colleen Smith: 534-1694

Doug Smith: dougger25@hotmail.com 313-5735

Karla Hazer: crhz5@aol.com 388-4041

Monica Rude: info@desertwoman.net 535-2860

Mike Cottingham: mikewren@gilanet.com

Daniella Holmes

**Please forward corrections to: Monica Rude

Facilitator: Naava Koenigsberg
Committee Reports:

The newsletter will be ready for Earth Day. Information should be emailed to Doug Smith.

The Membership brochure was reviewed. Send corrections to Colleen. Nikki will open a Post Office Box for the Guild.

(Note* Our new Address is:)

Silver City Herb Guild
P.0. Box 1947
Silver City, NM. 88062

Contact person for the Earth Day event in Penny Park is Carrie Girstantas (carrie@askskatemom.com). Donation for a booth is $15.00. The event will take place from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. . Kid-Friendly activities are encouraged. Nikki is completing the registration form. A sign up sheet for staffing the Guild booth was passed around. Colleen showed her progress on the banner, looking great.The Earth Day Committee will meet Thurs at 6pm @Rejuvenation.

Marayah reported on the series of classes being developed, she expects to compete a handout for Earth Day. She will be giving an herb walk at Penny Park on Earth Day. The ED Com will meet Wed April 20 at Marayah's hot tub.

Naava, Marayah, & Richard attended the SW Botanical Conference in Tempe last week. They met David Crow, an Ayurvedic practitioner, who also has an essential oil company, & teaches classes on community gardens; was involved in starting a community medicinal herb garden in Los Angeles where Western, Chinese, & Ayurvedic herbs are grown & the locals taught how to use them. The group was impressed with his knowledge & have invited him to give classes when he visits Silver City, tentatively May 16-23. Naava will arrange this, give her feedback on topics for him to discuss. Visit his websites:


The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing the creation of organizational structure for our herb guild. It would be advantageous for us to become a non-profit so we can accept tax-deductible contributions & apply for grant money for future projects. In order to become a non-profit organization, we must first incorporate. This involves forming a board of directors who are legally & financially responsible for the organization. Incorporating means we are "an entity", we exist. A mission statement will be needed.
It was suggested that a committee be established to work on this. Naava is willing to submit the paper work to become incorporated.

Considerable brain storming & discussion yielded the following ideas: There is a need to establish a structure for our group to provide guidance during the times we disagree. Our structure & mssion are represented by the Yerba Mansa flower, with several petals describing our activities & the center being the steering committee. We do not want a hierarchy. Decisions are being made by those who have shown up for meetings & this seems to be working well as they are the ones who are most interested & are putting effort into attending meetings & doing the work. "The Council" is an ancient system of circular discussion, "honoring" each member, & reaching agreement.

It was agreed we would strive for true consensus in making decisions, ie, everyone must agree. We will use this method as long as it is working.

Primary positions need to be filled: Guild Secretary, Facilitator, Time-keeper. The chairperson of the Education committee, Marayah Rai and chairperson of the Membership committee, Stefan Link, will work together to manage money....and both can sign checks. (Guild Secretary position).

The committee model seems to be working well. The relationship between committees and the steering committee was clarified, (ie. , decision-making power). It was agreed that each committee will be charged with a mission, and will bring progress reports and ideas back to the steering committee for discussion and final approval.

At meetings, there will be a limited time for committee reports. Unresolved issues can be sent back to committee for resolution.

It was agreed that newcomers are welcome to participate in discussions but cannot vote until they have attended at least 4 meetings.

See you all next time.

Notes by Monica Rude Silver City Herb Guild Secretary.
Monica Rude
Desert Woman Botanicals
PO Box 263
Gila, NM 88038

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