Herb Guild Meeting of April 28th, 2005

We met at Mayarah's Teepee.

Those Present & their contact info:

Naava & Stefan: alps@zianet.com 388-8639

Richard McDonald: info@desertbloomherbs.com 388-3542

Marayah Rai: 388-1482

Adam Ennes: looking_crow@yahoo.com 313-6303

Nikki Tesnow: nnikital8@yahoo.com 608-215-0207

Colleen Smith: 534-1694

Doug Smith: dougger25@hotmail.com 313-5735

Karla Hazer: crhz5@aol.com 388-4041

Monica Rude: info@desertwoman.net 535-2860

Guest, Chris Brickley: puntaarenas9@peoplepc.com
99 Quail Run SC 88061

**Please forward corrections to: Monica Rude

Facilitator: Naava

Chris Brickley, Nurse Practitioner, explained the Practitioners Alliance, as it functioned previously & the group discussed how it might happen again. Brad Haire, Emergency MD, is interested in complementary health care, as well as several allopathic physicians, & Gila Regional Hospital. Diabetes is of particular interest. Quarterly meetings were proposed, starting July/August, exact date to be announced. Stefan offered to help Chris organize these events. Chris has numerous contacts with a variety of practitioners.

Committee Reports:

The Earth Day Celebration in Penny Park went smoothly. Kudos to Colleen and the Earth Day committee who did the fine work. There was not a huge membership recruitment, but several people seemed interested They took the handouts and membership applications, and could join in the future. Ideas were discussed about how to get information out and also about how to collect names and addresses for classes & membership (via direct mailings). Press releases can be used. Ideas for future shows were discussed. One idea involved making them more interactive & educational, (eg. using actual herb specimens).

The Education Committee expressed a need to increase exposure and community awareness for our organization and classes. Karla agreed to do a press release. Marayah & Adam will post more flyers for the next 2 planned classes. We need to create specific deadlines & guidelines, a form to be completed proposing classes. Proposals will then be brought before the Steering Committee for approval.

The newsletter was ready for Earth Day, congratulations to Doug and Adam. A good start, this issue will be revised and corrected. Suggestions for future newsletter issues were discussed. Naava offered use of her computer. We agreed to avoid making political comments in future issues, we want to remain neutral. The last newsletter cost $ 47.00, Doug will submit an invoice for these expenses. The deadline for the next issue is June 30, will be ready in July. Will include the next series of classes.

Naava reported on arrangements made to date for David Crow's week in Silver City May 16-23. The Silver City Food Coop has donated a gift certificate for his food. He will give a lecture on on the Learning Garden at Schools and in the Community on May 19th, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. . A room has been booked at the Western New Mexico University. Room fee: $ 28.00. Naava is getting sponsors to put out the flyer. Teachers at Jose Bario School and others are being invited. David will send us the flyer.

In addition, David will give a talk and presentation about Aromatherapy on Sunday May 22 at The Center for Healing Arts, on Yankee Street. The class will be held from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with a lunch break. Class fee: $ 30.00. Karla will do a press release. Adam will post flyers.

On May 15 a woman from Colorado will be in town to give a class on techniques for uterine massage, especially for uterine prolapse and other conditions. More details to follow.

The group decided not to have a table at the upcoming Gila River Festival, as had been planned. Monica agreed to have Guild info displayed at her food booth. Adam or Doug will deliver the material to Monica in advance.

Adam is checking the mail at our Post Office Box, which, incidentally is P.O. Box 1947, Silver City, NM. 88062

Clarification to minutes of 4/14/05 meeting: It was agreed we would strive for true consensus in making decisions, ie, everyone must agree. If agreement is not arrived at after 2 discussions, a vote will be taken & the majority will rule.

Richard McDonald agreed to chair the Committee on Wildcrafting, which will be discussed at the next meeting, with emphasis on Osha, to start.

The NEXT MEETING: POTLUCK May 12 Thursday 7 pm @ Maraya's. (note* this meeting is not open to the public, but is a steering committee / organizational meeting.)

See you all next time.

Notes by Monica Rude (Silver City Herb Guild Secretary)

Monica Rude
Desert Woman Botanicals
PO Box 263
Gila, NM 88038

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