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Pricing shown above does not apply to "Sinus-Aide Herbal Rinse". This item is priced currently at $17.10 / 2 fl. oz.
(2 fl. oz. size only).

Note* These liquid extract compounds are original propriatary formulas, which I developed for my herbal practice. I have formulated these compounds with local or regional plants whenever possible, in order to keep the knowledge and use of a wider variety of useful medicinal plants alive and well. This may help to take the pressure off of highly over-used herbs, and will hopefully allow their former numbers and habitats to be restored. Our customers have found them very effective over the past decade. These extracts have been designed using combinations of herbs relating to specific imbalances, and can often be more effective than using single plant extracts For many, using extracts can be more convenient than making teas.

All extracts contained on this page are made using ORGANIC food grade ethyl alcohol (grain alcohol), which serves to preserve the extracted herbal constituents, and helps the body to absorb the liquid extract rapidly.

Since alcohol is "hydroscopic.. ( has an affinity to combine with water), we use this attribute to our advantage to improve the absorbtion of alcohol-containing extracts.

For those who may be sensitive to alcohol, we suggest using herbal teas, or using our glycerites,
most of which contain 6% organic ethanol by volume.

For all products on this page, we suggest taking them by adding the indicated dose amount to water or herb tea.

Use these products ONLY as indicated on the labels

Statements below which are followed by an asterisk ( *) have not been evaluated by the F.D.A. .

(Indications: Irritation caused by allergies to airborne pollens or by many foods. Supports normal respiratory system functions. *)
Ingredients: Echinacea root, Spilanthes, Ginger root, Black walnut, Ambrosia, Feverfew, Reishi mushroom, Yerba mansa root, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

(Indications: Respiratory viral infections. Promotes normal respiratory system functions. Helps restore balance in flu and cold conditions. *)
Ingredients: Lomatium root, Yerba Mansa root, St. John's wort, Spilanthes, Lobelia herb, Stillingia root bark, Osha root, Red root, Wild cherry bark, Olive leaf, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

"Better Bitters"
(Indications: Reflux, "dry gut" syndrome, chronic flatulence, and poor digestion. Supports normal digestive and liver functions.*)
Contraindications: Ulcers.
Ingredients: Gentian, Swertia, Oregon grape root, Fennel, Agrimony, Corriander,Cinnamon, Cardamom, Mugwort, Indian root, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

(Suggestion: Avoiding heavy, saturated fats (e.g. animal fats) by broiling meats and discarding the drippings, or reducing meat and dairy foods is good. Using only cold-pressed seed and nut oils, such as Extra virgin Olive oil, Safflower oil and sunflower oils is also suggested.)

"Building Warmth"
(Indications: Cold conditions of the extremities; poor circulation. A nutrient-rich blend. Ingredients help support normal circulation health and energy levels. *)
Ingredients: Korean red Ginseng, Ginger root, Orange peel, Red clover, Nettles, Alfalfa, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

(Indications: Abnormal overgrowth of Candida albicans organism. Helps encourage balance of the internal "friendly" bacteria necessary for good digestion and assimilation of food. Helps promote normal bowel health. *)
Ingredients: Desert willow, Pau D'arco bark, Usnea lichen, Chaparro herb, Manzanita leaf, Rosemary herb, Orange peel, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

"Clearly Luminous Skin"
(Indications: Skin eruptions, rashes, and long-standing dry, hot, skin conditions. Promotes normal skin health. *)
(Contraindications: Pregnancy)

Ingredients: Yellow dock, Burdock root, Dandelion root, Cleavers, Nettles leaf, Blue flag root, Indian root, Syrian rue root, Red root, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

"Emphatic Lymphatic"
(Indications: Congestion of the Lymphatic system, tumors, swellings, tonsillitis. Supports normal lymph system health *)
(Contraindications: Pregnancy)

Ingredients: Poke root, Cleavers, Red root, Ocotillo bark, Ginger root, Indian root, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

"Fast-Deep Sleep"
(Indications: Sleepless, or in smaller amounts, for relief from tension. Supports normal sleep patterns *).
Ingredients: Valarian root, Passion flower, California poppy, Skullcap, Avena, Chamomile, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

(Indications: Chronic gas, bloating and flatulent conditions. Supports normal digestive functions. *)
Ingredients: Fennel, Catnip, Lavender, Angelica root, Poleo mint, Corriander, Cow parsnip, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

(Note: we also suggest investigation of dietary habits, and reading materials found in the book "
Fit for Life" by Harvy Diamond.)

"Female Systems Ally"
(Indications: Irregular menstrual cycles, including pain and heavy bleeding, lack of menstruation. Supports the normal tone and health of the female reproductive system, generally. *)
(Contraindications: Pregnancy.)

Ingredients: Red raspberry leaf, Dong Quai root, Vitex, Manzanita leaf, Calendula flower, Black cohosh root, Blue cohosh root, Angelica a. root, Ocotillo bark, Red root, Wild yam root, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

"Ginkgo & Kava"
(Indications: Promotes normal cerebral circulation. Stimulates concentrated mental awareness and focused attention *).
Ingredients: Ginkgo biloba leaf, Piper Methysticam root, Alcohol, purified water.

"Ginseng Green"
(Indications: Supports normal immunity and general good health. Lack of endurance, non-specific immunity, and stamina. This product is a source of concentrated plant nutrients. *)
Ingredients: Kirin red, Kirin white, and Eleuthro Ginsengs, Ginger root, Nettle seed, Spirulina, Alcohol, purified water.

"Golden Mansa"
(Indications: Chronic congestion of the sinuses, ears, lungs, or kidneys. Promotes normal mucous membrane health. May help resolve mucous membrane congestion. *)
Ingredients: Golden seal root, Yerba mansa root, Cleavers, Bursera herb, Yarrow, Golden rod, Pure vegetable glycerine, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

To see our Kids Products,
(with lower alcohol content)--click this link. "Kids Asleep", Echinacea, and "Unbound Lungs"

"Liver-Loving Cleanse"
(Indications: It supports normal liver functions. May aid liver congestion, and sluggish liver conditions. *)
Ingredients: Burdock root, Blue flag rhizome, Yellow dock root, Indian root, Milk thistle seed, Red clover, Agrimony, Alcohol, purified water.

Suggestions: We encourage human beings NOT to ingest hydrogentated oils, (such as margarines, Crisco, and most commercial candy), since these "garbage" non-food additives congest the liver and our immune system functions, Eventually ingesting these poor-quality oils can lead to bowel diseases and or cardiovascular disease.

"Male Systems Ally"
(Indications: Supports and promotes normal male reproductive health. May help reduce swollen or enlarged prostrate gland, dull ache in prostrate region, and difficulty in urination. *)
Ingredients: Saw palmetto berries, Damiana, Cholla Cactus root, Vitex, Echinacea root, Red root, Mullein root, Ocotillo, bark, Nettle root, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.
(Removing coffe from the dietary intake, due to its content of irritating acids, is suggested.)

"Mouth Aide"
(Indications: Supports normal mouth tissue health. May be useful in Gingivitis and gum recession, or to prevent bacterial growth in the mouth. May provide a temporary relief of tooth pain. and *.)
Ingredients:: Rhateny root, Bursera herb, Spilanthes herb, Myrhh gum, Stevia leaf, Organic grain ethanol, purified water, essential oil of Spearmint.

(Suggestion: Regular checkups and good hygiene are important factors in promoting mouth tissue health.)

(Indications: Supports normal nervous system health. As a daytime agent for promoting gentle relaxation. *)
Ingredients: Wild oats, Damiana, Borage, Skullcap, Saint Johns' wort, Nettle leaf, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

(We suggest the removal of stimulants such as coffee or other caffinated beverages if stress and sleeplessness are problematic.)

"Nerve Rest"
(Indications: A strong nervine compound for promoting deep, relaxing sleep, or, in smaller amounts, for relief from extreme stress during the daytime hours.*)
Ingredients: Valerian herb, Passion flower, Skullcap, Hops, Wild oats, Organic grain ethanol.

"Nimble Hands"
(Indications: Supports normal connective tissue health. As an anti-inflammatory aide in conditions of Rheumatoid arthritis. May be of some help in Osteo Arthritis. *)
Ingredients: Kelp, Black Cohosh root, Yucca root, Dandelion root, Celery seed, Wild yam root, Ginger root, Red root, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

(Suggestion: We encourage abstinence from coffee, and reducing the intake of acidic foods, such as "nightshade" (Solanaceae family) vegetables, and excessive red meat. We also suggest working to increase the daily intake of purified water (with lemon) to somewhere around 1/2 gallon per day, which is equal to 64 fluid ounces.)

"Sinus-Aide Herbal Rinse"
(Indications: For use with netpot, Neti pot™in the process of irrigating the membranes of the nasal passages. Nasal irrigation works well to remove dust, pollens, and other foreign particles, which may contribute significantly to nasal membrane inflammation and infections of those delicate tissues. This product supports normal sinus membrane health. *) Click on the link above for ingredients and more information.

"Soothe Yourself"
(Indications: inadequate moisture in the bowels, e.g. , constipation. Promotes normal bowel function. *)
Ingredients: Licorice root, Marshmallow root, Comfrey leaf, Slippery elm bark, Scarlet globe mallow, Chamomile, vegetable glycerine, purified water.

"Unbound Lungs"
(Indications: Asthma or Lung congestion. As an energetic bronchial-dialator, and natural expectorant. *)
Ingredients: Spikenard root, Osha root, Pleurisy root, "Inmortal" root, Wild oregano, Morman tea, Grindelia, Lobelia, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

"Uro-Tract Aide"
(Indications: Chronic bladder and urinary tract infections. As a soothing, and toning agent supporting normal function of the genito-urinary tract. *)
Ingredients: Agrimony, Anemopsis root, Manzanita, Mullein root, "Cholla" cactus Root, Organic grain ethanol, purified water.

(Suggestions: We also invite you to begin to drink more water daily, and avoid foods and beverages with high simple sugar content. A good sugar replacement is Stevia leaf or extract, which are not fermentable, and do not "feed" yeast or bacterial infections. *)

Other herb extract blends are available by request as custom blends.

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